£20 for 2020

Will you help us build the decade of climate action?

If 2,500 people give £20 each we can lay the groundwork for change. We have a plan for carbon zero Britain by 2030. We have a plan to close the inequality gap. We have a plan to create the jobs and services that ensure everyone can lead fulfilling lives in safe, green communities. We have a plan to make sure that we have democratic processes in this country that make every vote count. We aren't writing fairy tales. We are building plans for environmental, economic and social justice that work. Are you with us?

Yeah, we agree. Politics should not be all about money. But, did you know that each of the leading political parties have annual operating budgets of at least 50 million pounds whilst the Green Party operates on a budget of 2 million pounds?

The work of politics is not just about General Elections. It is about building empowered communities in every town and in every parish every day of the year. That is why we are building this movement. Because that is what will eventually put more Greens in Parliament and let us make our radical plans a reality.

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£ 20